Google is about to be your bestie if you're someone who enjoys their privacy.

According to Mashable, Google is in the process of developing a system that will notify users when their contact info shows up in someone's search.

The article states the tool will potentially be useful to prevent doxxing situations.

How Google Will Let You Know Contact Info Is Coming Up In Searches

Mashable explained the information regarding contact info in search results will be included in Google's soon-to-be-released Results About You dashboard.

Users will receive a notification when new search results show their contact information. There also will be an option to ask Google to remove the pages from future search results.

According to Google's Search Help section, users can request the removal of their personal email address, phone number or home address when they directly show on the search results page.

Once the request for removal is submitted, users can monitor the results and check for any status updates.

Additional measures announced to protect users

The announcement regarding protection of users' contact information is part of Google's initiative to let users have more control of their online experience.

As part of these proposed changes, Mashable says Google also plans to allow users the ability "to remove any of their personal, explicit images - whether hey were posted consensually the first time or not."

Additionally, Google also will begin blurring explicit images in search results.

The changes are expected to hit the search engine later this month.

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