You can't drive a car without a current license plate on it. Don't think so? Give it a shot. Getting a ticket for expired tabs or driving without a proper license plate is going to cost you more than a few gallons of gas. We don't recommend it.

If you're trying to be a good samaritan and drive around with your license plate all legal and updated, that's a good thing. However, you may be waiting longer than usual if your plate is supposed to be arriving soon.

Idaho license plates are constructed at the Idaho Correctional Institution, as they have been for years. Unfortunately, one of the machines used in the process suffered a malfunction, and all production was put on standby until the unit can be repaired.

Luckily, the machine was able to be repaired, and license plate production is mostly back on track. John Tomlinson, Idaho Transportation Department communications manager, gives us an inside look on what's going on:

Today is the first full day back to production. So license plates are being made and mailed out effective today. They are going to be working overtime to be able to catch up and be able to send out these license plates as quickly as possible.

What do you do if you are currently waiting on a license plate? There's a notice you can print off and leave in your vehicle to let it be known that you're waiting on the real deal. You should probably go and do that.

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