Fans are convinced Kesha is throwing shade at Katy Perry after it was revealed that Perry reportedly worked with Dr. Luke on her upcoming album.

On Monday (June 17), Kesha tweeted, "lol."

Fans immediately responded to the tweet with assumptions about Kesha and Katy's friendship.

"Yall are laughing like this is some dumb celebrity drama but Kesha has every right to be pissed. it's actually horrible how nobody in the industry supports her, and instead, they work with and defend her rapist," one fan tweeted.

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According to Rolling Stone, Perry allegedly chose to reunite with her Teenage Dream producer Dr. Luke, who Kesha sued for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, emotional abuse and violation of California business practices in 2014.

The disgraced producer also inspired Kesha's Gag Order album in 2023, which served as her last contractually obligated album under Dr. Luke's record label.

"Katy knew exactly the album she wanted to make and put together the team to make it happen. And that includes previous collaborators including Luke, Stargate, Max Martin, and Sarah Hudson, and some new heavy hitters such as Vaughn Oliver, Rocco Valdes, and Theron Thomas," a Capitol Records source said to Rolling Stone.

Perry teased the first single, "Woman's World," from her new project on Monday (June 17).

"Get ready to pop off," she said, announcing the single's release on July 11.

Fans in the comments section criticized the song and it's alleged association with Dr. Luke.

"Dr Luke? What a weird freaking choice. That’s cancel worthy, one person wrote.

"Yeah I’m sorry Katy I really love you but I can’t support you anymore. I stand with Kesha," another person said.

"Yea sorry no. working with that man in 2024 is so tacky and distasteful so no," someone else added.

Despite fan speculation, neither singer has addressed the rumors or the supposed shade.

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