A woman is contemplating ending her marriage after her husband requested to meet up with former affair partner to rekindle their friendship.

Sharing her story on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman revealed her husband previously had an affair with his co-worker. After she found out, she demanded he cut all ties with the other woman.

"When I found out I was completely traumatized but he was so upset and begged me to forgive him (yes, yes I know... I'm stupid to have fallen for that crap). He had to continue working with her but he swore to me he didn’t speak to her anymore as just before the affair ended he had been trying to end it with her anyway and only sees her as a platonic friend now," she wrote via Mumsnet.

However, her husband recently told her that he misses his friendship with his former mistress and wants "to meet up with her and two friends for drinks," though he refuses to let his wife meet the other woman.

"I got very upset last night about him wanting to pursue a friendship with her again. He got very defensive with me and made out I was being unreasonable. I need to end this marriage, don't I? He is completely overstepping any boundaries I needed him to adhere to," she continued.

The woman added that even if her husband is telling the truth about only wanting to be friends, it's still not a good idea for them to hang out together.

"It’s as if my self-esteem has been destroyed and I’ve been manipulated over and over again to the point I now don’t know what is OK or not OK in a marriage anymore," she concluded her post.

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In the comments section, Mumsnet users tried to comfort the woman, but many also suggested she end her marriage.

"He is completely overstepping the mark and manipulating you to think it's OK," one person wrote.

"Without being too harsh, the marriage is over. He doesn't respect you, if he did he would never even mention her name again," another commented.

"No way should he be even entertaining the idea of being anywhere near her on a social level. It is ridiculous that he even suggested it and just shows he expects you to be a complete walkover," someone else wrote.

"He is still shagging her but trying to get permission to go out in public with her. Let him... by throwing him out!" another chimed in.

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