"Don't like it? Too bad!"

"Shut up, nobody cares!"

"Awww, did someone get their feelings hurt?"

Sound familiar?

You're either thinking of things overheard at your kid's daycare said by other children, or the comments section on your favorite social media page. What's crazy is, you're not wrong. There are more adults than ever in Idaho straight-up bullying other grown adults.

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Sadly, it's true. We see comments like this daily, even on our own social pages. Adults arguing about the topic-of-the-day, to the point where they resort to name-calling and school yard insults. We can't believe it either.

Yes, we know America is tough for a lot of folks right now, and many people are feeling ignored, and divided. However, is that enough justification to verbally tear down your neighbor or co-worker or family member because they have a different viewpoint than you? Have we just accepted that, as a society, we're completely okay with adults constantly arguing on social media, with little-to-no repercussions?

Should we be held accountable for the things we say online? Or are we literally allowed to say whatever we want since we live in a country with freedom of speech? Either way, here's to hoping we can be kinder to each other online, in-person, and just in general.

What do you think? Let's connect and get your opinion, and fingers crossed nobody will start WWIII in the comments. We pinky swear to try and keep it friendly if you do.

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