The roads aren’t too bad yet, so if you like getting out and going for drives, now is the time to do so before it starts snowing and the roads get too crazy.

In fact, today is actually National Go for a Ride Day! National Today says...

“Go For a Ride Day, celebrated on November 22, urges you to just get up and get out! Do you ever feel like you’re tied to your laptop/phone/tablet screens? We’ve become a pretty sedentary bunch — a far cry from the people who discovered countries, oceans, and animals simply by getting off the couch and exploring.”

I mean, that was kind of a burn... but it’s so true! Our generations are definitely more coddled, and one way that impacts us is by not “getting out” as much or exploring.

National Today continues, “Make today a day to set your spirit free and enjoy your wanderlust on whatever mode of transportation suits you best. Bike, boat, car, skateboard, sleigh—it doesn’t matter what you choose! Pick a location you’ve always wanted to visit and make today the day you’ll go.”

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Fortunately, we live in Idaho and there are so many cool places to go! For example, going for a simple drive, checking out some hot springs, and maybe looking at some Christmas lights — if there are any up right now?

Keep scrolling for a list of scenic byways, upcoming Christmas light displays near Boise, and hot springs definitely worth checking out. We also included a list of every national forest in Idaho 👇

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