Andy Avalos, the coach, is officially on the hot seat. Once again, we are at a disappointing point under the coach's tenure at Boise State. After a disappointing first year, most of the entire staff was dismissed. In Year Two, we saw the offensive coordinator and star quarterback leave. There's an old adage in coaching: you fire everyone, and eventually, you run out of firing, and then you get fired.

Bronco fans have to ask themselves, is the team getting better? It seems like it was ten years ago that Coach Avalos was the 2022 Mountain West Coach of the Year. (Most experts credit last Year's turnaround to Dirk Koetter, who took over the offense and brought out Taylen Green's potential.) Without Koetter, Green is lost, and new offensive coordinator Bush Hamden has failed to develop an offense around Green.

The Offensive Coordinator

Boise State's Two Quarterback Scheme Is Not Working

Boise State has no starting quarterback. The two-tiered system of Taylen Green and Maddux Madsen is not working. The win against San Jose State in Boise was fool's gold. Congratulations, you beat a team with only one win during the season. Taylen Green should feel very frustrated with how the coaching staff treats him.

Taylen Green
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How does Green go from the next Vince Young/RG3 to sharing time with Madsen? The situation reminds many of how Tim Plough treated Hank Bachmeier a few years ago. The offense is not Taylen Green-friendly and, like Bachmeier's experience, didn't fit his skills.

In today's world of the transfer portal, some wouldn't be surprised if Green leaves for a team that appreciates his abilities.

No One Could Stop Him
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Jeanty Is The Team's Most Valuable Player

Ashton Jeanty is the real deal. His performance is the lone bright spot in a dismal season. Despite a lack of production at quarterback, Jeanty is one of the nation's rushing leaders. What happens when a team can figure out how to stop the unstoppable Jeanty?

Oklahoma State v Boise State
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The Bronco Defense Is Missing In Action

The Bronco defense is not very good. The unit has failed to stop any team with a decent passing attack. If the defensive front cannot pressure the quarterback, the secondary lacks the scheme or the players to hold up. For the last two years, the defense has been the team's strength, which is not the case this Year.


Boise State Fans Are The Best

Boise State fans have shown up to support their team this Year. For the first time in many years, no one left at halftime of the most recent home game. It didn't matter that the team was getting blown out; the fans stayed and were rewarded with a magical come-from-behind win against San Jose State. Boise State has no unlimited budget, and the administration depends on the team winning. Will the fans continue to support the team with sellouts if they continue to underachieve?

YouTube/ Bronco Nation News
YouTube/ Bronco Nation News

The Current Coach Is Not The Answer

It's troubling that some supporters of the Boise State coach attack anyone who has the guts to say that Coach Avalos is not the answer as a head coach. No one is attacking his character; however, you are what you're record says you are, and the team is not very good. The coach has had four offensive coordinators in three years and massive staff turnovers that the local media still needs to cover.

If fans are comfortable with the team is performance, they should vote to keep the coach. However, if fans want an expectation of winning, then it's time for a change. The coach's lack of head coaching experience has been exposed during his tenure as head football coach.

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