The tables continue to turn for the good workers at Boise base Micron who are now looking for new jobs. It wasn't long ago that Micron, the Biden Administration held a victory party in Boise as the company announced a significant investment in Boise and domestic microprocessor production.

CEO and President Sanjay Mehrotra thanked the Biden Administration for passing the Chips and Science Act that would give companies billions of dollars in tax incentives to move their manufacturing to America.

How many billions did these companies receive? The amount is 280 billion dollars for capitalism, as Micron and other tech companies told the public how they couldn't switch back to America without being funded by the taxpayers.

Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra

And now, several of those taxpayers will be out of work. At the very least, Micron can live up to the title of bad planning in announcing the layoffs of over fifteen percent of its workforce. On the other hand, how can a credible company take billions from the government and then suddenly decide to cut so many workers?

Are we led to believe that this announcement was due to market forces? Should someone investigate the company and others to determine why these layoffs are taking place right after the government gives them a blank check from all of us?

Have prominent executives volunteered to cut pay to save Idaho and American workers? Are we all supposed to say we trust Micron and others with our money despite more and more layoffs?

It is doubtful that the Biden Justice Department will move on these companies; however, could we see Idaho's crime-fighting attorney general announce an investigation? We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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