Not every day a chief executive publicly fires their most trusted, highest-profile hire. A thorough investigative report from a local television station gave Mayor McLean no choice; after years of neglect and ignored internal/external complaints, she had to fire Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee.

Chief Lee was the mayor's most celebrated hire during the early days of her fledgling administration. Mayor McLean's decision to choose an assistant chief from Portland over a local pick caused many law enforcement folks to question her selection.

The KTVB story by Alexandra Duggan detailed the lack of leadership, morale, and the toxic work environment that Boise police officers were forced to endure under the man from Portland. Frankly, it shouldn't take an investigative report to make the city's chief executive aware that her hire was destroying the Boise Police Department.

Let's not forget the city didn't investigate Chief Lee over the choking of a fellow officer. What type of leader chokes a subordinate, causing injury, and isn't examined for the possibility of liability? The mayor's decision not to investigate the chief is a massive failure of judgment. The Idaho State Police investigated the chief but not his employer. Mayor McLean owes the community apology for her embarrassing choice of police chief. Was she so out of touch that she was unaware of the record amount of retirements and quitting once Chief Lee took charge?

Mayor McLean issued a statement informing the city that she asked soon-to-be former Chief Lee to resign.

Mayor McLean issued a statement informing the city that she asked soon-to-be former Chief Lee to resign. Has the mayor held a press conference to inform the public why she asked for his resignation? An apology for her bungling of managing the police department, answering tough questions from an objective local media? The answer is no; however, here is the mayor's most recent Tweet; we found no mention of Chief Lee in her two Twitter accounts.

It's elementary for public officials to issue written statements without having the courage to hold themselves accountable to the public who elected them. The city of Boise is owed a public explanation from the mayor who ran on listening to the people of Boise. The people are now waiting to hear what she has to say; too bad she isn't speaking. Her silence is deafening; we call on the mayor to do the right thing and hold a press conference.

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