No one likes to be in trouble on the job or at home. Most of us will never have to explain how we're failing on the job in front of the local media. However, most of us will never have a salary of one point four million dollars and be responsible for wins and revenue at one of college football's most famous universities.

Today, Boise State Football Coach Andy Avalos explained to the willing folks on media row that the team really could be 6-1 if not for a few unlucky breaks. The coach didn't say the team could be 1-6, and the starting quarterback appears to be lost in a quarterback controversy brought on by the four offensive coordinators at Boise State in three years.

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How it happened

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"We're talking about six points, and we're not having this discussion, Coach Avalos told the media. However, fans have seen this movie before, and it was only the work of Dirk Koetter last year that prevented the team from falling into disarray.

Coach Avalos said he wants to be part of the plan and know what the offensive coordinator is doing and what plays are being called. Shouldn't he already be aware of that as the head coach? The demeanor of Coach Avalos was clearly different than previous press conferences. Last year, the coach appeared to have thin skin when reporters would ask an honest question. Today, he was clearly humbled and shaken.

YouTube/ Bronco Nation News
YouTube/ Bronco Nation News

The rest of the season is not kind to Boise State. Fresno State, Wyoming, and Air Force are significantly better than in years past. The pressure on the third-year coach is historic.

Coach Avalos said the players continue to inspire him, and they continue to learn and grow. However, all aspects of the game, offense, defense, and special teams have been lackluster at best.

The press conference ended with the coach praising the support he's received from the community.

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History was made at ExtraMile Arena on the night of Tuesday, March 1st. When you think of the arena--you may think of your favorite concerts or acts. No, a sell out crowd didn't set a record. The Boise State men's basketball team did. One might think that a major celebration was in order. Clearly, some security folks had a different idea.

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