The year was 2005. Do you remember what you were doing in 2005? That year was the last time the Boise State Broncos began the season at 0-2. The Boise area is one of the country's most tolerant areas for athletes and sports teams.
The media is not aggressive and is prone to root for the home team rather than hold them accountable for falling short. If you question the Broncos, many will refer to you as a hater or being negative; however, that doesn't mean you're wrong.

Welcome to the Andy Avalos era, where the season is again off to a rocky start. In year one, we heard this new staff would continue the Bronco-winning tradition. After a disappointing first season, the 'young' team was replaced with a more experienced one in year two.

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Year two could've easily ended in a calamity but was saved by the work of retired Coach Dirk Koetter, who replaced the offensive coordinator.

In year three, the Broncos have fallen on hard times while their friends in the media try to cover for a coaching staff that hasn't delivered. I'm sure they're all nice guys, but they haven't delivered on the field, which is where is counts in college football.

YouTube / KTVB
YouTube / KTVB

Coach Avalos is the highest-paid employee in the state of Idaho. How would you like to make as much money as the coach and still not deliver the directed results as past Bronco coaches? His current record is 17-11, is 17-11 elite?


The team had an opportunity to beat UCF over the weekend, even as UCF tried to give the game away but failed to stop the Knights on their last drive.

The Broncos' talented quarterback, Taylen Green, left the field due to cramping. How can the team not have a more experienced and ready backup for Mr. Green? Utah is down to their third-string quarterback, and they're still winning games.

Boise State fans deserve better than what they're getting from the current team. It's time for the coaching staff to accept responsibility for the lack of performance; if not, Boise State becomes another former college football power.

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