Boise State Football has only played one game of the season, and the team is now struggling with a declared quarterback controversy. The good news for the Broncos is that they should be able to handle a struggling New Mexico Lobo team this Friday night on national television.

The bad news for the fans is that the coaching staff has failed to take advantage of the offseason to fix the offensive line, find a successor to Khalil Sakir, and commit to a number one passer. Didn't the coaching staff tell us how improved the offense looked compared to their first year? Fans and the team are now torn between Hank Bachmeier, who has taken incredible beatings, and redshirt freshman Talyen Green.

The controversy continues to revolve around embattled Boise State Offensive Coordinator Tim Plough, who is in charge of the offense. Last year's offense failed to generate the production Bronco fans are used to seeing from their favorite team. The offensive shortcomings of the team were exposed in their embarrassing loss to Oregon State.

The situation couldn't be worse for the program's future as Boise State hopes to be invited to a more significant conference like the Pac-12 or the Big 12. However, you won't be on anyone's watch list if you don't win in college football.

We've reviewed the Boise State roster, please take a look at the players below and  vote on who you believe should be the Boise State starter.

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