The past few days of Boise State seem to resemble the testimony of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in Atlanta. The combative DA dealt with wave after wave of verbal challenges to her credibility. In the last season of Boise State football, we saw a team fight through every adversity, losing a starting quarterback and an offensive coordinator for the second year.

While the above analogy may not be exact, Boise State Athletics is once again looking for a new offensive coordinator. Does anyone want to guide one of the most promising quarterbacks in the country? Will Malachi Nelson follow Bush Hamdan to UK?

As Bronco Nation comes to grips with the latest off-the-field challenges, let's take a look at why Bush Hamdan left the team. Objectively, the coach received an offer that was too good to refuse.

The Program

Kentucky may not be a power in the SEC, but the team commands a lot of money compared to any team outside of their conference. The Wildcats have more resources, allowing coaches to work more on player development, retainment, and recruitment.

Coach Hamdan's job will be to work with the most resources he's had at this level in his career. It is not without question that Kentucky's resources are more vast than Washington or Missouri, where Coach Hamdan had worked at a reduced level.

The Coach

Mike Stoops has been at Kentucky for many, many years. He can afford to have a bad season or two. Coach Stoops has been a candidate for significant jobs but chose to stay in Lexington. Boise State has hired a former defensive coordinator with no head coaching experience. Who you work for matters, and Stoops has the credibility and stability to protect his coaches. "This time it felt on both ends it felt really, really good," Coach Hamdan explained during a press conference.

The Money

Although the coach's salary hasn't been released, the former offensive coordinator's salary was $1.7 million. Head coaches in the Mountain West Conference do not make that much money unless your name is Chris Petersen or Bryan Harsin.  Coach Hamdan's salary could be doubled by the move to Kentucky.

Coach Hamdan told an audience in Lexington today his offense will be no huddle and more collegiate as opposed to his predecessor. You can see his entire press conference below.

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