The days of Idaho being one of the most off-the-radar states in the nation appear to be over forever. We all know how the state's population has expanded historically in the last ten years. Our area's farms, ranches, and fields are slowly and not so slowly being replaced by subdivisions and something called 'shopping experiences.'

Idaho farmland is not the only resource coveted by big states like California and foreign governments like China. Most folks relate to Idaho as the 'potato state,' but we're more than just the leading producer of spuds.

Idaho is known as the gem state, which was once used as a marketing ploy to lure folks from the east and other parts of the country to Idaho. However, our state has an abundance of gems, minerals, and other resources that will fuel energy for the next hundred years.

Idaho politicians, local, state, and national, must come together to form a coalition to protect the state from being looted by outsiders. As we first reported here, President Biden wants to cannibalize a significant portion of Idaho to create the nation's largest windmill farm to produce energy for California.  You can see the details below.

Top 5 States Owned By The Federal Government

Is Idaho on this list?

The Idaho Statesman reported that an Australian company, not an American or Idaho company, has secured a significant deal with the Department of Defense. The agreement involves mining Cobalt near Salmon, which could lead to a massive amount of the crucial material used to make electric batteries. Did you know Idaho is home to the Cobalt Belt, which holds some of the largest deposits of this precious material? 

The article points out that the contract will help America counteract the Chinese dominance currently mining Cobalt—the Chinese control eighty percent of Cobalt mining worldwide.

"The funding from the executive branch tasked with overseeing the U.S. Armed Forces emphasizes the importance of Cobalt, which is also used in munitions and "high-temperature aerospace alloys," according to the Department of Defense. The mineral also has national security implications, as China controls most mining and refining."

You can read more about the Idaho Cobalt rush here. Idaho is also home to some of the nation's most enormous reserves of gold. Streetwisereports says their current project is yielding better than expected results. 

As America and the world continue to discover Idaho, our leaders must protect our state and keep Idaho's valuable resources in Idaho.


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