Have you noticed that President Biden has a unique, if not twisted, obsession with Idaho? The president's justice department filed its first lawsuit against Idaho's Trigger Law days after the Supreme Court's abortion decision. The nation continues to obsess over the tragic murder of the four University of Idaho students, yet the president hasn't sent condolences to the victim's families.

President Biden has a thing for alternate energy sources as we continue to feel the pain at the pump. The president has a new obsession with the Gem State involving windmills, electric power, and sending our electric output to California. Every Idahoan should be aware of the Lava Ridge Wind Project that Biden's cronies are trying to force upon Idaho.

Exposed The Lava Ridge Project Sending Idaho's Power to California

An inside look at this controversial project

The project's goal is to build one of the largest, if not the largest, windmill plant on public lands next to the Minidoka National Historic Site. Lava Ridge is part of the president's grand plan to replace drilling for oil with his choice of power. 

Residents and activists have challenged the proposal stating that the project will destroy industries like hunting, fishing, farming, and ranching. The site would build hundreds of gigantic windmills across 75 acres of government land. The wind turbines are so large they dwarf Seattle's Space Needle at over 740 feet.

The group, 'Let's Stop Lava Ridge,' put together an entire list of the devastating impact Biden's windmill farm will have on the local community.

  • Grazing
  • Farming
  • Aviation
  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Communication
  • Water
  • Roads & Traffic
  • Post-Construction & Decommissioning Land Rehab
  • Health Concerns
  • Ground Temperature Change
  • Hunting
  • Wildlife
  • Recreation
  • Historical & Cultural Sites
  • Scenic Landscape & Dark Skies Preserve

President Biden is breaking his promise to be a good steward of the environment. Idaho will not benefit from all the alleged electricity the windmills will generate. The energy output will be sent to California. You can read more details from the Bureau of Land Management here.

California Will Get Idaho's Electricity from Lava Ridge

Under Biden's power grab, our state will not get the power produced in Idaho. How can that happen? It's all about money, California money. Here's what will happen if the project is approved from protecttheharvest.

"California will be able to purchase “renewable green energy” without the mess, eyesore, and environmental destruction in its own backyard. This power generated in Idaho will be sold to California via the planned N-SWIP line (another LS Power Project) coming up from Southern California through Las Vegas to the midpoint substation south of Shoshone, Idaho. This will all be done on federal and state public lands in Idaho, so there will be no royalty fees for private landowners for wind turbine placements.

LS Power’s promotional ads pretend that Idaho Power may need its power and that it may stay in Idaho. The fact is they are a private company free to sell wherever they can get the best price. If Idaho buys their power, your bill is going up because they will have to outbid California and Las Vegas."

You can read additional details on this story from the Washington Examiner. You can see a how this project will kill local farming from Fox News. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. If you'd like to stop the president from stealing power from our state to send to California, we recommend that you contact our folks in Congress.

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