We're just a few weeks away from the end of another political saga. No, Netflix hasn't released a potato-themed political thriller like House of Cards. It's a biennial event where our airwaves, phones, mailboxes, and even our sanctuaries are relentlessly bombarded with political propaganda, leaving us feeling not just overwhelmed, but also frustrated. 

Although the governor and other constitutional officers are not on the ballot, this season is among the most passionate we've seen in recent years. However, when does political passion cross the line into harassment? I was at home, seeking solace in my television this weekend when a political door knocker interrupted my peace. 

I usually do not answer the door. However, the gentleman saw me and continued to knock on the door until I answered. I did open the door, and I have to admit that I wasn't very nice to him. He handed me a flyer and continued talking as I thanked him and shut the door, which led me to examine door-political door-knocking in our neighborhoods. This incident made me realize how invasive and persistent political campaigning can be, even in the privacy of our homes. 

You have to be committed to knocking on the doors of strangers promoting politics or political candidates. The word rejection comes to mind when thinking of folks who usually aren't paid to bang on doors. They do it because they want to make a difference. While the rest of us are enjoying a weekend of enjoyment, the door-knockers are taking a lot of abuse. 

My only thought is that if you knock on someone's door and they don't answer, move on to the next one. No one likes to be bothered on their time off. We applaud those who hustle; just don't do it at our expense.  

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