If you're on the fence about what type of action you'll see at the Snake River Stampede, then take a moment to enjoy our exclusive photos of the action on the dirt. The movement is nonstop from top to bottom, and if you're tired of boring sports like golf or woke sports, you'll want to see the antidote to boring and wokeness at the Ford Idaho Center.

Unlike some rodeos, you're inside, away from the heat and dirt of most similar events. You'll notice how young competitors face the dangers of trying to ride broncos, bulls, or tie down a steer. In an age of virtual sports and the metaverse, the Snake River Stampede is as concrete as the sidewalks we use daily.

It was amazing to see in a world where we continue to work to find a connection how young people travel the country to compete in the same sport as our pioneers did during the republic's founding.

They may call it the wild west, but there is something very noble about young people embracing the heritage of farmers and ranchers. Where would we be without them? We all know the grocery store food must come from somewhere.

It isn't easy riding a bronco or a bull, and we've all seen what happens when things go wrong in rodeo. There are no timeouts or rain delays, at least at the Snake River Stampede. Whether you are a fan of the rodeo or not, we hope you enjoy these forty photos honoring the competitors who put it on the line.

Exclusive Snake River Stampede Photos!

A look at bull and bronco riding at the Snake River Stampede

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Photos of the world's wildest fastest rodeo, the Snake River Stampede!

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