The world will come to a complete stop as the madness of March grips the nation. No, we're not describing another shoe dropping in the banking crisis; whether you're a die-hard sports fan or not, it's impossible to ignore the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament known as 'March Madness.'

However, this article is not about sports; it's about the business of money and the ability of Boise State Athletics to make more money. Boise State has one of the most famous football brands in the country. What's even more impressive is how successful the brand is despite indescribably limited financial resources compared to just about every other school in the country.

It began with Gene Bleymaier's blue field which has garnered many television viewers over the years. Chris Petersen's victories showed the college football world that his kind of guys and great coaching could overcome previously thought insurmountable odds. Coach Petersen and some of the luster of his great Boise State teams are gone. However, the football team is still the envy of most programs in the country.

Boise State's football success was so powerful that it almost got the Broncos invited to a Power 5 conference. But to run with the big dogs of college football, you need more than football; you need a proven winner in basketball.


It's up to them if the Broncos will be successful in the tournament.

Boise State basketball has an opportunity to elevate the Broncos to a more significant conference. If the Pac-12 expands, they'll be looking for a team that can draw fans to television screens nationwide. The Big 12 is on the prowl for adding more teams, and Boise State would fit perfectly with their teams in both football and basketball.

A win or a trip to the Sweet Sixteen could have enormous ramifications for Bronco Athletics; now, all they have to do is win and win again.


Some new foes and familiar faces await the Broncos.

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