When people think of Idaho, images of a blue football field and potatoes come to mind, most in America and worldwide. The state continues to attract people with diverse careers. Boise-based Micron's expansion has reestablished the Gem State as a hub for semiconductors and other emerging technologies. 

Idaho's agricultural and ranching sector, the state's true backbone, is not just a profession but a way of life. This is exemplified by Senator Jim Risch, one of the most Conservative and wealthiest senators in Congress, who cherishes his weekend visits home to work on his ranch.

Cows Love to Get Milked

Despite the state's growing reputation in other industries, Idaho continues to export its agricultural products, including crops and beef, across the country and around the world.

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Farming is a tricky business, as most farmers will tell you. It's a lifestyle, not a job. Farmers work every day without days off or holidays. A spell of bad weather can destroy a family's fortune as quickly as rain turns to snow. 

Dairy Farm Life

The life and times on a dairy farm.

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Idaho's growth is slowly eroding a beloved, treasured, noble profession, the family farmer. Whether you live in Meridian or Pocatello, family farms are sold at record prices. Subdivisions and retail outlets have replaced rows of crops and grazing fields.

The Milker
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Remember when the Village at Meridian was a giant field? Idaho natives used to hunt along Eagle Road before the thousands discovered our state's excellent quality of life.

The Idaho Press detailed the struggle local farmers have contemplating their future: do they continue to struggle or sell out and become millionaires? You can read the story here.

One Million Dollar Potato Picture
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No one can blame farmers who want to cash in and live a less stressful life. However, the continued loss of family farms will only weaken our state's ability to feed ourselves and others.

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