In Idaho, the potato is not just a crop; it's a way of life. Today, the United Nations declared International Potato Day, recognizing the cultural significance of this humble vegetable. Idahoans will proudly tell you that every day is potato day in the Gem State.

Wisconsin #3

You might ask, 'Why would the world declare a worldwide day for Idaho's favorite product?' The United Nations General Assembly, recognizing the global importance of this humble vegetable, created this day last year.

Can you Name the top 10 Potato Producing States?

Here's a look at the top 10 potato producers in America.

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The goal of International Day is to honor and raise awareness of the multiple nutritional and economic values of the potato. It's not just a staple food, but also a generator of income for rural families and producers.



Idahoans can take pride in the fact that the state's most beloved product is gaining global recognition. The Idaho Potato Commission is actively promoting Idaho Potatoes as the world's most delicious spud.

Their innovative campaign features a truck transporting the world's largest potato across the country, a unique and attention-grabbing way to celebrate International Potato Day.

Big Idaho Potato Truck in Action

A behind-the-scenes look at the Big Idaho Potato Truck!

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

At the time of this publication, we cannot confirm there is a national potato day. However, if there was one, it would feature Idaho Potatoes. Other states do produce our favorite crop, but none can compare to the taste and notoriety of Idaho's Famous Potatoes. See you at the Potato Bowl!


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