Happy Tater Day Idaho! The national day to celebrate potatoes takes place every year on March 31st and has been celebrated since 1843.

According to National Today, "Traders would come and exchange goods, particularly potato slips that allowed them to buy and grow the plant. This is the oldest trade convention ever known and celebrated. The versatility potatoes lend means that they are great for both salty and sweet cuisines, either elevating the taste of a dish or complimenting the accompanying flavors. This tubular vegetable also holds the credit of solving food shortages, both in the old ages and the new."

Potatoes and Idaho go hand in hand. Check out stuff about potatoes you probably didn't know.

10 Potato Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Idaho produces more potatoes than any other state. That may not be a surprise but did you know on average in one year is is over a billion dollars in revenue for the state?! That is a lot of potatoes.  How much do we really know about these potatoes that have helped make our great state what it is today?

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

Best Styles Of Potatoes

Gallery Credit: Cort Freeman

Can you Name the top 10 Potato Producing States?

Here's a look at the top 10 potato producers in America.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

Best Styles Of Potatoes

Gallery Credit: Cort Freeman

Giant Idaho Potato Hotel Is Gorgeous Inside

Yes, you can stay inside this amazing giant potato in Idaho. Take a peek inside this awesome 'tater and mark it on your bucket list for your next getaway.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

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