Dutch Bros. Barista-Friendly

There's friendly and then there's Dutch Bros. barista-friendly.

More than any other coffee house in the Boise-area, Dutch Bros. employees have a reputation for service with a smile that precedes them. Morning, noon, or night, rain or shine—no matter what's happening in the world—they're as inviting as a jolt of caffeine.

Is That Dutch Bros. Barista Flirting with You?

Dubbed "broistas" by Dutch Bros., the coffee slingers' cheery disposition and interest in what you're up to on any given day always seems sincere. But has a Dutch Bros. broista ever blurred the line between friendly and flirty?

A co-worker of ours had been tending to her infant in the back seat of an SUV while her husband ordered her an iced Americano at the Dutch Bros. off Milwaukee. While her husband waited for the drink, the co-worker said she couldn't help but notice how flirty the twenty-something broista had been with him.

Just before she handed the Americano to him, the barista looked at my husband's wedding band and said he was 'too sexy to be married.'

She said this about five seconds before I finished up with the baby and climbed back into the front the passenger seat. My husband's face was beet-red and the barista looked like she'd just seen a ghost after I clipped myself in.

I chuckled over my husband's obvious embarrassment, but it was still awkward. -Anonymous

Friendly vs. Flirty

The story described by our coworker who wished to remain anonymous sounds like an obvious case of flirting.

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So are Dutch Bros. broistas getting cutesy with every customer jonesing for a frothy bevvie? And are they getting paid for it? In short, no. Sorry if that bursts your bubble, Dutch Mafia!

Boise broistas aren't paid to flirt, but per the Dutch Bros. guiding creed, they are providing customer service that aligns with the company's friendly and free-spirited values outlined in the gallery below.

Scroll on for a look at the Dutch Bros. broista creed!

The Official Dutch Bros. Employee Creed

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Do you find the baristas at Dutch Bros. to be a bit on the flirty side? Email your opinions to ryan.valenzuela@townsquaremedia.com. 

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