College Isn't For Everyone

Despite what guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and movies have told us over the last 30 years, college isn't for everyone. These days, a four-year degree isn't the ticket aboard the gravy train it once was. Unfortunately, admissions officers and guidance counselors often fail to acknowledge this fact.

We appreciate post-secondary education definitely has a place in modern society. Doctors, attorneys, civil engineers, mental health practitioners, and teachers are sterling examples of professions that should have advanced degrees.

Counselors Don't Want You to Know This...

In 2018, Georgetown University reported "nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy require higher education." But here's a fact admissions counselors probably don't want you to know: adults with a high school diploma earn a median wage of approximately $809 per week. 

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That tells us there's a variety of careers that don't require a college degree and offer decent wages. In fact, a number of jobs listed in the gallery below pay better than positions reserved for degree holders. That's where we come in. We narrowed down our list of 21 degree-free Boise-area jobs using data from Stacker and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

High-Paying, Degree-Free Careers in Idaho

Our list features positions that require a high school diploma or equivalent, a post-secondary non-degree award, or no formal education requirements for entry-level positions as of May 2022. Instead, these Idaho-based positions provide all the on-the-job training new hires need.

If you're job-hunting in Boise, these remote positions pay well & rely on your skill and experience, not a college degree!


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