There aren’t many cities in the United States that have a website dedicated to Christmas lights as detailed as the one that was born right here in Eagle!

If you stumbled across this article, we’re going to assume that you’re someone who just adores everything about Christmas. The night light parades, ice skating at Indian Creek’s ice ribbon, waltzing through the Festival of Trees…and going to see Christmas lights! The Boise Christmas Lights map and website make that last one a breeze! 

The map was a passion project for William Higginson, a self-proclaimed Christmas light junkie who was frustrated that the Treasure Valley didn’t have a central location where people could find the best static and animated home light shows. 

'Britain's Most Festive Street' Lights Up Again
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So in 2015, he saw an opportunity to create that hub for everything Christmas lights and its popularity EXPLODED. Realizing what an incredible resource the map had become for the Treasure Valley, William made sure that it was well taken care of after he relocated to San Antonio in 2020. Shannon Luthy, one half of the couple that used to build the “Shannon’s Light Show” in Meridian did most of the heavy lifting that year while William settled into his new home.

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William’s taken back over most of the behind-the-scenes work like updating the map, adding listings to the website and creating driving routes, but knows he still has someone to lean on for things the project may need to collect in person. 

Last year, the map had a total of 156 pins including 47 synchronized light shows, 93 static light displays and 16 community light events/holiday trees. As of November 29, there are already 40 home displays on the map. There’s also a text version of that same directory that will allow you to narrow your search down to individual cities. Later in the season, they’ll share curated driving routes to help you see the most displays in a certain neighborhood or area.

There are different icons on the map that represent different types of displays: 

  • Yellow Music Note - Light Show Synced to Music
  • Blue Bench - Free Community Trees/Displays 
  • Blue Dollar Signs - Lights Displays with an Admission Fee
  • Green Trees - Static Light Displays
  • Purple Hammer - Displays Under Construction

The map is under construction right now and is refreshed every couple of days. If you have a completely over-the-top display that you want people to come to see you can submit your information HERE to get added to the map.

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