With over 39 million residents, California is the most populated state in the country. While the Golden State might not have the opportunity to sink its teeth into a Whataburger or slurp down Cuvler’s famous frozen custard, there’s no shortage of variety there. 

From restaurants to places to shop, some of the biggest brands have locations in California. Unfortunately, with the national economy on shaky ground and uncertainty about an impending recession some of these brands are making the difficult decision to close some locations. 

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During the pandemic, many relied on online shopping to get by. That wasn’t just limited to ordering clothes, exercise equipment and hobby supplies from Amazon. Many people were ordering groceries online and utilizing free pick-up services as well. The number of people who felt comfortable ordering items online rose considerably from 2020 to today. 

Food Pantry Offers Drive Thru Grocery Pickup During Coronavirus Pandemic
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The quick pivot left many businesses struggling to make their physical locations profitable. Some big brands sat back and really evaluated if it was worth continuing to operate those locations at a loss or just call it quits. 

In California, closing a location sometimes doesn’t come down to finances. Sometimes, it comes down to public safety. As you read through this list, you’ll notice that some of these retailers chose to close due to safety concerns in the communities they served. They’re not alone. Target closed more than half a dozen stores in 2023 due to theft and shoppers threatening their employees. Three of those locations were in the Bay Area.


So which brands have closed their brick-and-mortar locations in 2024 or are planning to? Here’s a quick look. 

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