With a new year comes new plans for Boise Towne Square Mall. According to their website, there are at least two new stores planned for the mall this year. Here’s what we know about them! 

Vintage Stock

Every time we ask “what is Boise missing” or “what should fill this vacant location” we get responses showing just how nostalgic the Treasure Valley is about Hastings. From movies and books to music and toys, there was a lot to browse and we miss getting lost in the store, too. Unfortunately, Hastings closed all of their locations, including the five in the Treasure Valley, after filing for bankruptcy in 2016. 

Vintage Stock, one of the two stores listed as “coming soon” on the mall’s website, may be able to fill that void. According to Vintage Stock’s website, they sell movies, music, video games, comics, toys, memorabilia, sports cards and collectible game cards (think Pokemon.) 

Sony PlayStation 2 Goes On Sale
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Under services, they also say they offer rentals for both movies and video games, disc repair for DVDs and CDs and special orders. Under special orders, they mention that all of their locations have access to the entire company’s inventory and can ship directly to you. If that’s true, we may just be placing a call to one of their two locations that have a fairly priced copy of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. 

Sounds a lot like Hastings, doesn’t it? Well the Missouri-based company that also operates as EntertainMART and Movie Trading Co. and V-Stock, actually moved into a handful of defunct Hastings locations across the country. One of those happens to be in Idaho. There’s an EntertainMART at 185 E. Appleway Ave in Coeur d’Alene where Hastings used to be. They also have a location inside the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls, which opened in late 2021.  

Images via Google Maps/Canva
Images via Google Maps/Canva

While Boise Towne Square Mall has the store listed under the Vintage Stock brand on its website, documents filed with the city list the project name as an EntertainMART. They’re working on remodeling an existing 4,497-tenant space in the mall. 

Daily Thread

We couldn’t find any permits filed with the city for Daily Thread just yet, but the clothing store is listed as “coming soon” on the Boise Towne Square Mall website.  The women’s clothing store describes itself as “affordable fashion every day.” 

When they opened a store in Boardman, Ohio last May, the Business Journal Daily reported that some of their clearance prices were as low as $5 and that the brand hoped to have 65 stores in their portfolio by the end of 2022. 

They have at least one store in Idaho already. Like EntertainMART, they have a location in the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls. 

Current Tenant Shuffling Locations

In other Boise Towne Square Mall-related news, The Reveal, Boise’s year-round costume shop announced that they’ll be closed during the month of January while they make the move to a different location in the mall. They were on the second floor between Zumiez and JC Penney. 

Facebook/The Reveal
Facebook/The Reveal

According to a Facebook post from their new manager, The Reveal’s new location will be between the old Starbucks and Game Platform, which is also on the second floor. The store should re-open in that location in February. 

In-N-Out Update

In-N-Out Burger Clashes With Local Governments Over Vaccine Verification Mandates
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And just because it’s in the mall’s parking lot and many people remain skeptical that In-N-Out is actually making headway on an Idaho location, we’ll tell you that the most recent permit applications were uploaded on January 16…so that tells you they’re pretty serious about demolishing that old Pier 1 and replacing it with the highly anticipated fast food restaurant. 

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