This is not a new story, but we thought it was worth revisiting as everyone is getting ready to cook birds for their Thanksgiving dinners. This is the wrong way to do it.

Idaho Man Cooks Chicken In Yellowstone Hot Spring

This was weird, even by 2020 standards. A group of people, including a man from Idaho Falls, was recently busted in Yellowstone National Park while they were cooking a chicken in one of the park's geothermal hot springs.

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The culinary event happened in early August, according to Nate Eaton at East Idaho News, when park authorities were given reports of a group carrying cooking gear toward a hot spring. Rangers arrived and found the group had two chickens cooking in the hot waters of a spring. The Idaho Falls man was given a citation for walking in the thermal area, to which he plead guilty. He was also given a $600 fine and probation, plus he is banned from Yellowstone for the next two years.

Dangers Of Leaving The Paths In Yellowstone National Park

I can't imagine that chicken boiled in sulfur-heated water can be very delicious, and while Yellowstone may be doing many things to improve the park for visitors, cooking stations at the geysers aren't part of the plans. Yet. Traveling off the designated paths is dangerous at Yellowstone as the ground can be brittle and home to a body of hot water underneath. Many of the geysers and hot springs are unpredictable, so park rangers take the off-trail excursions very seriously. Plus, you don't need to leave the pathways to have an amazing vacation at Yellowstone and you also don't need a lot of time. A nice weekend vacation to Yellowstone is possible for residents of Southern Idaho.

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