Jeffree Star is now the proud owner of a custom, hot pink Beretta handgun.

The controversial beauty influencer and brand owner showed off his purchase on social media and in a video on YouTube earlier this month. The custom-designed gun features a pink background and is emblazoned with stars and his logo. There is also a photo of himself on the barrel.

Check out the reveal video below:

Beretta showed off the firearm in a series of posts on social media. They took photos of the gun alongside beauty products from Star's makeup company Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

"With Jeffree’s inspiration, and our 500 years of experience manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, our Premium department created something entirely unprecedented," they wrote on Instagram, "a piece of craftsmanship that is as much a work of art as it is a personalized handgun."

Check out the glossy pics below:

Star is perhaps best known for his beauty brand and his YouTube account, which boasts more than 16 million subscribers. He's also found himself in the center of controversies including rumors that linked him to Kanye West last year.

He's renowned for showing off luxury goods and his lavish lifestyle on social media. However, things have changed a bit in recent years. Insider noted that he purchased a yak farm in Wyoming.

He is currently splitting his time between there and California.

While Star is more commonly associated with beauty products, it's worth pointing out that this is hardly the first time he's shown off guns on social media. He posed with another pink gun on Instagram in 2021.

He also filmed a video of himself licking and shooting a gun in May 2021. The post was accompanied by a warning to potential trespassers.

"NO TRESPASSING," he wrote in the caption. "Violators will be shot... Survivors will be shot again."

Check out the post below:

Star has also previously collaborated with luxury brands to design similarly customized pieces.

He debuted a set of custom Louis Vuitton luggage including a massive display case for his shoes in early 2021. Check out a pic of the pastel pink collection below:

He's also shown off similarly colored custom cars. For instance, in 2021 Star debuted a custom Rolls Royce.

"Paint color is called ‘Star Pink’ & was matched from a new lipstick color I created," he said of the vibrantly colored car in a post on Instagram. Check it out below:

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