Jeffree Star, who has been quietly raising yaks in Wyoming, is now facing backlash after revealing he will begin selling yak meat despite simultaneously owning a cruelty-free beauty brand.

Serving up the announcement on Instagram, Star Yak Ranch shared a photo of packaged meat options that will likely become available for purchase online in June.

"Our delicious grass fed #Yak meat will be available on our online store soon, hoping for next month!" the Star Yak Ranch captioned the slideshow of images.

Yak Star Ranch also announced plans to sell meat locally to Casper, Wyo. residents.

"Yak meat facts: Super high in protein, zinc, and B vitamins. Being 90% fat-free, Yak is a healthy red meat alternative and has more dense nutritional content than skinless chicken, salmon, and beef. Yak is tender and slightly sweeter than bison," the post continued.

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The post was met with immediate backlash, though this isn't the first time Star has been scrutinized for his ranch.

According to Insider, Star initially filed to trademark Star Yak Ranch in the categories of butchering, clothing and edible pet treats in September 2021.

When the news broke, Star faced backlash from fans for his plan to diversify his business portfolio outside of his cruelty-free makeup products.

According to Insider's report, Star responded to the criticism in a Snapchat video defending his proprietary decision.

"So, let's say I trademark it for yarn, cheese, breeding, butchering, etc., it doesn't mean I'm doing any of those things," Star said, according to the site. "When I'm laying on a yak and I'm naming them, nothing is happening except brushing them, loving them and feeding them."

Back on the chopping block once again, Star, who owns Tibetan yaks originating from the Himalayas, is being roasted by Twitter for "slaughtering" his "pets."

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