Boise Music Festival was an absolute hit over the weekend, drawing in thousands of music lovers to Expo Idaho grounds to see the likes of Jelly Roll and Ludacris preform this summer.

From food vendors to local businesses--carnival rides to a full blown foam party--Saturday, June 24th at Expo Idaho had something for everyone.

For Jelly Roll fans, however? Saturday was something special--and according to him, rule-breaking!


While Jelly Roll was on stage at the festival, and thousands were singing along with him--he stopped the music down to say that he has one rule.

"I believe music brings people together", he explained--and said that is why he never talks politics on stage. Except when he comes to places that struggle with the struggles that he struggles with--according to Jelly Roll, that is Idaho.

It is time that we legalize marijuana in the United States of America!

Jelly Roll exclaimed his stance on weed to the massive crowd explaining that he knows it is illegal here in Idaho--like it is in his home of Tennessee. Jelly Roll attacked 'Big Pharma' pointing out that he believes there are more dangerous and addictive prescription pain pills that need to be taken off of the market--instead of worrying about marijuana.


Check out the video of his "speech" below:

Let's take a look at some of our favorite sights and sounds from Boise Music Festival, 2023: 

Jelly Roll, Ludacris, and More Wow A Massive Boise Crowd

The 2023 Boise Music Festival saw massive attendance to see rapper turned actor Ludacris, country singers Jelly Roll, Gary Lavox, and Elle King, 90s dance music artist C+C Music Factory, and local hip-hop group Mad Ro.

Were you in that crowd? It was such a great day! 

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