I've always loved how Boise looks out for itself and this new challenge that the City of Boise is launching is no exception. If you can believe it, over 150 million tons of single-use plastic is generated in the United States alone. Where does all of this crap end up? In a landfill, on our sidewalks, in our drains and bodies of water--essentially everywhere we don't need or want it. SURE the environment is heavily politicized these days-- I just don't think that at the end of the day, any of us here in Boise, no matter our political leanings, would really CARE if we cut back on plastic and helped our own environment a little-- it just seems like the Boise way.

The City of Boise is asking everyone to think about how much plastic you use a day, and then multiply that by over 70,000 to represent other Boise homes. Crazy, right?

The challenge is really simple and you can opt-in right online. All the City of Boise is challenging us to do is cut back on single-use plastic. Think of those plastic bags we put apples in when we go to the grocery store-- once we get home, we never use those bags again!

You can sign up online by clicking HERE.

Choose the plastics you want to cut back on and you'll get email tips through the month of July!

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