Day three of Live for 175 commences today at The Village at Meridian. Each year, the feeling of pride and amazement for the members of our community is overwhelming. Hundreds of people have taken precious time out of their day to take part in this, the 11th year of Live for 175. The most satisfying is seeing groups of organized people come down to ride. High schools, office buildings, companies and sports teams have all passionately come down to participate. Their energy can be felt by other riders and staff, in a sense, they are powering the event physically and emotionally.

Sunday was Health Care Professional day. Hundreds of riders who work in the healthcare industry came down to help power the message, many of whom see the adverse effects of child abuse in our community first hand.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 17th) is Military and First responders Day. Another profession that sees first hand the impact abuse has within our community. We welcome every branch of the armed services as well as first responders down to the Village to help us take a stand against child abuse in our community.

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