It was long before the pandemic and things were simply "normal", still.  We had a meeting at the 103.5 KISS FM studios with a representative from Republic Records and what we thought would be a fun meeting and lunch ended up being a lot more than that.

"So we have a new release coming out but you can't tell anyone what it is"

Of course, I assumed the Weeknd...maybe Shawn Mendes?

It was more than just a new song that was unreleased-- it was an entire reunion!


Now, plenty of time has passed and we just KNOW that the Jonas Brothers are back together. They've blessed us, literally, with smash hits like "Cool", "Sucker", "Only Human", and "X".

Now, Treasure Valley, they're blessing us with a LIVE, IN-PERSON CONCERT at the Ford Idaho Center on Thursday, September 2nd. 

Just last night, we posted up an actual tour photo from The Jonas Brother's last tour in 2019 that I took while in Portland, Oregon. While a lot of guesses came in on WHO this major concert announcement would be for, I was pleasantly surprised to see a handful of people were confident in their correct guesses and it pained me to not tell them they were right!

It's been a long year, Treasure Valley. With everything from weddings to concerts, family reunions to graduations CANCELED--we know this city is ready for live music again and having the Jonas Brothers in Nampa and the Ford Idaho Center is going to be a huge highlight for thousands.

Learn more about the tour and purchase your tickets starting Friday, May 27th HERE.

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