Stay tuned...your annual 4th of July plans at Ann Morrison Park may be changed. With the flooding, the park is so soggy that laying down your blanket and hanging out all day long is looking less appealing and do-able. 

Thousands of us converge at Ann Morrison Park, around the Boise Depot and anywhere we can find to spend the 4th of July and get a great view of the fireworks. Keep an open mind and be flexible this year because the fireworks show location could change. Boise officials are considering moving the show because of the soggy grounds.

I would assume that every day is a new day for evaluating the grounds - especially with the warm temps drying things out. Take a walk through the park and it looks good but then you'll hear the squishing under your feet.

Requirements for new location:

  • Large, open area
  • Ability to fit thousands of people at one time
  • Parking for event-goers

At the time of writing this article, the new location had not been determined. The city has made a decision and the event has been moved to Expo Idaho. A little over one week after the Boise Music Festival, fireworks will be covering the sky celebrating our nation's independence.

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