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It's an epidemic. It's a tragedy. We know bullying is a problem but girl on girl harassment is on another level. I've always heard that girls can be mean and that it's not just a movie myth. Mean girls are a real thing.

The Kind Campaign is a movement and nonprofit organization that brings awareness to girl-against-girl bullying. This is an international campaign that helps spread the message all over the world and now they're coming to Idaho this week.

Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson are the founders of the Kind Campaign and will be hosting a special screening of their new movie, "Finding Kind." I was watching a special trailer and one of the girls was trying to describe their perception of guys and girls.

Guys are all friends and stuff and girls are like, I don't like you.

Lauren and Molly traveled the world to spread the message learning about the cause they cherish. I find that none of these movements or foundations create themselves out of nowhere. Things happen in people's lives that move them to make a change and that's what happened here. Most of us just talk about it. Lauren and Molly acted upon their own personal experiences to help spread awareness hoping to stop these hate-filled acts. I'm always being told that no matter how much guys cherish women that they can be very mean. I speak and act upon helping spread awareness year after year when it comes to abuse. Girl on girl bullying? The fact that women have built an entire campaign surrounding this girl on girl hate shows me that I missed something.

Kind Campaign touched down in Boise this morning and are taking over schools all week to spread awareness. You can join the founders, friends and plenty of love at JUMP on Thursday for a free showing of their new movie, "Finding Kind."

Lauren Paul is the wife of Aaron Paul and sent this message after a memorable Emmy win.

The Speedy Foundation is another great resource that is dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. They will also be hosting this fantastic event which is a free screening for everyone. I would implore you to bring something or come by yourself. This is a safe place to hopefully let you realize that you're not alone. If there's one thing I've learned is the power in numbers. You might sit in your asylum and think everyone hates you. It's when you show up to an event filled with hundreds that you finally realize, "Hey, maybe it's not just me."

Come kick it with us on Thursday, November 21 at JUMP. This is a free event but you wanna register they can account for all the people and organizing. The movie screening will be held on the 6th floor of the Pioneer Room at JUMP.

Event goes from 5:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

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