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Justin Bieber is back Well, did he ever leave? Usually, we don't see a ton of new music leaving the new year but things are poppin already and you might say, yummy.

I was hosting the show on Friday morning and must have missed the news of new music. I remember seeing his post last week with dates but Christmas break hit. That brings us to 2020 and the first week of the new year already gifting beliebers with some yummy beats.

Justin dropped, "Yummy" on late Thursday night and say whatcha want but I think this dude is in love. Could he be going through something? I don't know but why do we find ourselves always psycho-analyzing this guy's happiness? Think of our poor choices and how would you react if that was on blast? This new "Yummy" track is all about new life with the wifey, "Hailey "Beiber" Baldwin."

I tagged Justin when we kicked off the #yummychallenge which is something I came up with Friday morning. It was the first silly thing that came up when I was eating a breakfast sandwich. Lemme warn you regarding this seductive, bacon and cheese dance

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Follow me on Instagram and you can see me act a foolio for the Biebs! Also, my son wanted to humor me with his yummy avocado toast

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It's been over four years and what a great way to bring in 2020 Props to JB because reinventing yourself, maintaining relevancy, and dropping hits is a dream for any artist. Justin announced a tour on Christmas Eve with new music which gifted him with 1.4 million views.

There is also a youtube special coming soon when JB tackles his own mental health. This looks pretty good.

We often attack, gossip and troll. Give this guy ✌️He is overcoming whatever demons faced him, found faith and love. Get ready for Justin Bieber to take over 2020. Here we go!


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