Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Justin Timberlake wrote a song for my little dude, Lennox! I'm just kidding 😀That said, JT wrote a song called, "Young Man." I love that he made this the very last song on his new album, "Man of the Woods"

It was like Timberlake was saying goodbye with a new beginning. Does this mean he's done with music? Who knows but I was working on the evolution of this guy and he's been around for a pretty long time. I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon. This song though!

I wrote a blog to my unborn son when I was up late one night thinking about him. I gravitate towards motivation like this and even the song Macklemore did with Ed Sheeran.

This song spoke to and I listened to it every single day. Macklemore's verses speak to his unborn child where he tells her to go experience life, but be respectful towards humanity. I love listening to this generation give advice to the next. These songs are like mini manuals and should be called, "the easy way to parent."

We all know it's gonna take so much more than that because it's a fact that they will be who they want. Justin Timberlake does the same in his song called, "Young Man."

Beautiful boy, got it from your momma
Damn, she look good, you might get a sister
By the time you get the picture
If you want a woman this good, gotta clear your system
And it’s all right
If you need to cry, you’ve got my permission
You can do anything in the world if you listen

I love how my son will randomly look to me and say, "daddy? I love you." That young man gets his kindness from his mother and he listens. Life lessons begin so young and this young man makes me proud of the respect he has. Lennox will say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" My son does this crazy thing where he salutes me when I have to put his little booty in check. That said, It's pretty damn cute.

Kekeluv and Lennox

There's a part in the song where Justin say's, "You're gonna have to stand for somethin'" The lyrics are teaching moments that I grasp on to because we teach them to teach theirs. JT drops this verse that clutches at my heartstrings.

Someday somebody’s gonna break your heart in two
And I’ll be there
Someday you’re gonna break somebodies heart
That’s what we do
One day I’ll be gone, son, but right now I’m home
No, you’ll never be alone
Maybe someday you’ll be talking to your own
Young man, yeah
You know your daddy’s so proud of you
My little young man
Mama can’t just get enough of you
My little young man, yeah
You know your daddy’s so proud of you
My little young man, yeah

I've learned so much in the last three years of this little boy's life and it's changed me. I know what family responsibility is now. I truly understand that my mission in this crazy world now is to provide for our, young man. I'm not sure if I would have fully recognized that when I was younger and maybe that's why God has blessed me so much later in life. I was ready for a wife and a little boy.

Photo by: Todd Meier
Photo by: Todd Meier

I love radio so much, but if I had to leave it because it changed on me - I could walk missing only the listeners that contributed to who I've become. I've become a good man and my son will become a great man.

Thanks, Justin Timberlake for writing me a song I can sing to my young man.

Pick up Justin Timberlake's new album, "Man of the Woods" HERE.

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