I've received plenty of comments (both from my Instagram live videos and posts) about my more youthful appearance but I have to tell you: Getting Botox and fillers at Silk Touch Med Spa didn't make me look different, just a little better.

I work with Travis at Silk Touch and we’re not trying to change much just refresh my skin. I’m not the best at taking care of it and some of these steps like Botox and fillers remove those bags under my eyes. I’ve noticed this week just waking up, washing my face and rolling out. No bags.

Check out the before on the top and the after on the bottom:



Think about the last time you woke up sick, hungover or just under the weather. Remember that look in the mirror? Now, imagine waking up exactly the same, looking in the mirror and you look great. That's the effect these treatments have; you end up a better version of yourself. Make sense?

The effects were immediate. I had no real recovery but minimal bruising under my eyes. Nothing significant. No pain. It was all gone in a day and you probably wouldn't have noticed it unless you knew to look. Here's what the treatment looked like:

I'm definitely going to continue this journey with Silk Touch Med Spa. I’ve already told them to reserve a date. The fillers last for about 18 months. It doesn’t just go away and I shouldn’t need as much next time.

Ready to see how Silk Touch Med Spa can help you reach your full potential? They also offer hair transplants, laser hair removal and top-of-the-line skin care and anti-aging treatments. Click here or call (208) 939-3110 to schedule your free consultation today.

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