Today is the first time back on-air with my co-host Kat Fisher in five weeks. I've never missed that much time in my life and this wasn't a vacation.

I was out with Kat when I slipped and fell backward cracking my head on the concrete. I was told when I fell that my skull in the back hit so hard that my brain then pushed forward hit the front. My skull was fractured all over and I was taken to Saint Alphonsus in an ambulance.

I'm not sure what would have happened if my friend's girlfriend wasn't an EMT specialist because that's who grabbed me immediately. Kat was on the phone calling my wife jumping in an ambulance with me and the rest I don't remember. I was in and out for 3 days which is still a blur. There was a blood clot, bleeding, issues with my left side of my head and the list goes on. I guess everyone was on speakerphone in the hospital when the doctor said it was worse than a concussion and only time would tell.

My mom and sister were about to board a plane from Texas and everyone was taking off work to sit by my side in the hospital. I can't imagine what everyone went through and I owe them everything in the world. My wife was trying to hold it together keeping everyone in the loop and as usual - she's the best in the world. She is so brave and my support system is unbelievable. I'm one lucky guy.

Fast forward 5 weeks later and everyone is shocked I'm back in the office doing a show. I met with our doctors and they were even surprised about my progress. I've been given the green light to be here but not without several stipulations. I have medications I can't miss, need to pay close attention to my headaches and MUST note anything that feels odd.

Kekeluv visited by son Lennox.
Kekeluv visited by son Lennox.

All of that said, I think I'm doing great. The doctors said a half of an inch in any direction and things could have been much worse.  I don't even want to think of that. I'm just praying my skull fractures heal and there's no sign of blood clots anywhere. I have another meeting with my doctor in 2 months to take another CAT scan and I'm hoping everything is good to go.

Thanks to all the listeners who have been sending messages, friends, and family who have taken care of me. My company has been tremendous with zero pressure on coming back to work. My family? There is no other. The fam was taking off work sitting by my side for weeks and my wife has been like my own doctor.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Saint Alphonsus ❤️❤️❤️Thank you.

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