I’m not getting any younger and battling the whole ‘dad bod’ thing has been a challenge — time keeps ticking and life keeps punching. When you factor in that I'm in the public eye (and on everyone's social media screens), I felt it was time to tackle things head-on.

So, I turned to the experts at Silk Touch Med Spa, one of Idaho's only accredited med spas, for a consultation.

I’ve been surrounded by women my whole life so Med Spa services aren’t foreign to me, but I really wanted to make sure I understood the process. They put me through the paces with a full body consultation and a Visia skin analysis, which highlighted all the problem spots on my face:

They put together a good program for me, including lipo and fillers/Botox — and, of course, I'm going to share my progress with you.

My first lipo session was completely different from how I visualized it in the past. I was awake, there was no pain, and it was really simple. The results were instant. They tackled that unwanted dad fat that has been lingering for years, and we'll do a few more sessions to tune up.

When we're all done, I know I'll feel fantastic and banish that lingering instinct to shy away from the camera. Overall, I'd say I'm a confident person but I just didn't feel I was reaching my full potential. Silk Touch Med Spa is helping me do that.

Throughout this whole process, I could tell this team is the best of the best. When someone is working in a medical situation, it's important to be able to trust them and I felt like they had my interest at heart the whole time.

Ready to see how Silk Touch Med Spa can help you reach your full potential? They also offer hair transplants, laser hair removal and top-of-the-line skin care and anti-aging treatments. Click here or call (208) 939-3110 to schedule your free consultation today.