Kellen Moore was, is, and so it seems, always will be one of Boise's greatest pride and joys. The sentiment is warranted. If you look at the role that Kellen Moore played in the history of Boise State football and the amount of foundation that he put down for where the program is today. Fans still dream of a day that he would come back and coach the Broncos because of his knowledge of the game.

If you didn't hear all of the excitement in town and across the nation among Boise State fans as he was named Offensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, you had to have been living under a rock. Now, we're well into the season and while sure, Kellen Moore is the OC in Dallas--how is he doing?

After the first game of the season and Dallas flexed some serious dominance, fans and Twitter alike were swooning over the rookie coordinator. Over the last couple of weeks the Cowboys have struggled and the guy that was once the golden child is taking some serious heat, that's right...folks are blaming: Kellen Moore. Of course, everyone is smarter than the coach when the team is doing anything but winning by a landslide. See some tweets below that show just how frustrated folks seems to be getting with Kellen:

A video game's auto-mode...better than Kellen Moore? Take a second look at the stats:

It seems that the numbers don't lie and perhaps Kellen Moore isn't doing so bad leading his offense, after all? What do you think of the heat Kellen is taking online-- fair or totally warranted?

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