I'm not sure if it's just the crazy new cycle right now or life has just caught up with me. I missed the email on worldwide climate strikes happening across the world on Friday. I feel stupid and apologize to all my teens for standing up.

This just goes to show you that kids don't need any of us anymore to assemble a movement. All it takes is one speech, one-click, share, repost and we have an uprising. Friday the kids will speak and we'll see who listens as they march for climate control.

Honestly, young people are woke even if they don't talk about it at home. Kids are watching these government hearings on Youtube, sharing speeches in classes and will be a force come election time over the next few years. Friday these kids are protesting to end the age of fossil fuels. It doesn't matter if it's gun control or climate change; students are making waves.

I'm attaching a breathtaking map of each country participating in some type of climate control event on Friday. This is cray.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.40.30 PM

We've all seen the footage whether it's the extinction of animals, melting glaciers, the worst storms or the wildfires. We might talk about it but kids are doing something about it. Political Science is my background and I think you get enough everywhere else you turn. Between us we won't go there. I will report that crazy things are happening and our teens are fed up. Let's see what they do this week

I'll link the hub to all the action as over 3400 strikes take place in 120 countries. Even Amazon employees plan to walk out of work to protest their own pledge. Amazon employees want this...

commit to producing zero carbon emissions by 2030 by rolling out electric vehicle use, to eliminate Amazon Web Services contracts for fossil-fuel companies and to stop funing climate-denying lobbyists and politicians.

This is stems from a brave 16-year-old student, Greta Thunberg who sat in front of the Swedish Parliament in protest. So much respect for these students. Greta was holding up a sign that read, "Skolstickjk for Klimatet"

I'll post the link and here's what I'll say regarding climate control without trying to influence your own opinion I think you can use this for just about any conflict you might be going through.

What if everyone is wrong about climate change? What if nothing has changed and all the burning forests, storms, and everything else is just a perfect storm? Okay. Now, let's play it the other way. What if our scientists are correct? What if they're right? Think about that.


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