I came into work just like any other day. I dropped my laptop off at my desk and went into the KISS studios. Usually, as habit would have it, I find Keke in the studio cleaning up or editing files after his show. Today, when I walked in, there was no eye contact and just a mutter of a hello.

While that's usual, things should have been different today. Kekeluv just nabbed the Best Of Boise Radio Personality Of The Year. Keke has never been one to brag so the lack of boasting about his recent accomplishment is not surprising. But as a guy whom I've worked with for the better part of a decade, this is worth bragging about.

I don't know anybody, ANYBODY, that works as passionately as he does. Sometimes to an extreme and that's a good thing. He has spearheaded Live For 175 which has without a doubt saved lives. He's a guy that will work 24 hours straight then ask for more. He literally built KISS FM into what it is today. And he would never tell you any of that. But I will. Congratulations Keke!

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