This will be effecting more than just the Kohl's stores in the Treasure Valley--but it's a partnership that I never saw coming!

It was just announced this week that Kohl's will soon begin accepting returns from you--for Amazon! Starting in July, if you purchased something on Amazon and need to return it--you can dump the item off at Kohl's--ANY Kohl's location.

Apparently, and I had no idea that this was even going on, but for the last two years, the two companies have been testing this system out at about 100 Kohl's locations. It must have gone well enough, because Kohl's, who has over 1,100 locations, will now start the program in all of them this July. The best part is that there's no cost to you, the customer, to drop something off at Kohl's and have them ship out your return. You won't even need to repackage the item--it's all on Kohl's. The partnership between these two stores goes back to Kohl's selling Amazon products like Kindles, Echos, and other Amazon gadgets in-store a few years back.

I'm wondering what's in it for Kohl's--because they aren't making any money off of this program. The hope seems to be that foot traffic will ideally, drive some sales that may not happen otherwise.

Find a Kohl's location near you, HERE.

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