When it comes to rappers, what do you imagine? Maybe you've had the opportunity to meet one before...was it everything you ever expected? There are always exceptions, but one thing that SEEMS to always be present is a little bit of an ego and not a whole lot of talking when it comes to famous rappers. It's like they're almost intentionally putting up a front.

There's something VASTLY different, however, about rapper Super Duper Kyle. Known as one of the industry's most fun loving artists, this guy is all about feeling good, being nice, and being a little crazy. If you had the chance to see Logic live at the Ford Idaho Center this past summer, you had the chance to see him surfboard over the crowd and have a great time on stage. A month later, his headlining show was announced to be coming through Boise at the Knitting Factory!

Well, as of today, the concert has been CANCELED. After the Knitting Factory fire, the venue has been doing their best to re-schedule or change venues. Unfortunately, it seems that both of those options weren't doable for Kyle's tour.

Ticket refunds ARE available--just go back to your point of purchase.

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