I love #lakelife, for as many memories as I made on my boat there came a time in my life where I realized that it's better to have friends that own boats instead of actually owning them myself. Don't get me wrong I miss towing the boat to the radio station the first day of the year when the weatherman claimed the temperature would hit 70 degrees so that we could hit Lake Lowell at 4pm. I miss wakeboarding before 10am and after 7pm in the middle of summer when the smooth water looks like glass. I miss going out on Saturday mornings dropping the anchor in a cove and enjoying cold beverages with friends. Even though I sold my boat, I'm so excited because today the Lower Dam Recreation Area and all boat ramps at Lake Lowell are officially open.

"Lake Lowell is a recreation destination for families in the summer," said Refuge Manager Eddie Owens in a ktvb interview. "Because Lake Lowell is a part of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, it is also a destination for wildlife. We encourage visitors to watch for fishing osprey and bald eagles, surface-nesting Western and Clark's grebes, and many other animals that will also be using the lake this summer. To help protect wildlife, we ask visitors to follow all Refuge regulations and remind boaters to please slow down for wildlife in no-wake zones."

Unfortunately the refuge visitor center remains closed due to COVID but the rest of the lake is open for good times. Did I mention that I'm looking for friends that own boats? I'm just saying... it's that time of year and I have experience launching boats. Hahaha...

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