Boise State Public Radio is reporting that big changes are coming to a BIG building in downtown Boise.

We don't need to spell it out for the one millionth time, do we? This entire year has been a complete gong show and NOTHING is them same. I keep hearing everyone wish for the year 2021, but I keep thinking: just because the calendar turns over does not mean that anything has to go back to the way things were before. In fact, the longer that this global pandemic goes on, the more I begin to believe that what we knew as normal before simply won't be coming back, ever. I know for myself, I will view social distancing and washing my hands while in public very differently.  Professionally, I've been stoked to get some of the upgrades that we did so that if I HAVE to work from home or on the road, I can do so easily.

Did we really think this wouldn't evolve into something bigger?

By having employees work from home, companies can save a ton of money on office space. It seems that according to Boise State Public Radio, this trend is being kicked off here in Boise by CenturyLink.

The corporate giant which has a call center and their giant logo on the One Capital Center building in downtown Boise (located at 999 W. Main Street) will be moving forward with the work-from-home model which they have had to make work amid the pandemic. It seems they're confident that operations will be fine without a home base downtown and there are no plans to move back into that building.

Could this trend continue to spread in the Treasure Valley? We'll keep you posted.

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