An announcement on social media has the Treasure Valley in shock as one of the most popular and iconic country bars in our area has shared they'll be closing their doors for good, very soon.

On the heals of another country bar closure in Kuna (Cowgirls), The Buffalo Club now makes for the second major closure in the Treasure Valley when it comes to well-known and established places for country dancing, drinking, singing and partying. Located on Fairview Avenue, this place is rockin on Friday and Saturday nights! It seems, however, that ownership has decided it's time to move on to their next chapter.

Here's a look at some of the greatest moments to ever take place at the famous country bar!

A Look Back At Boise's Buffalo Club

If you love country music and country dancing--this has been one of your favorites for years!

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What kind of fun memories do you have from the Buffalo Club? 

Ownership at Boise's Buffalo Club took to Facebook to announce the news of their closure:

After great consideration, The Buffalo Club has made the difficult decision to permanently close our doors this Sunday night. The decision to close down our business after 20+ years of serving the Treasure Valley, getting to know you and making you part of our Buffalo family comes with a heavy heart. We want to say thank you to everyone who has ever came in- whether you've been a patron for years or just started coming in recently- We are grateful for your continued support and loyalty, you are the direct reason for our success as we are truly humbled and honored to have served you.


Talk about a heart felt and emotional statement!

If you LOVE the Buffalo Club like so many do, make sure that you join them for their final weekend--despite being a last minute notice!

The Buffalo Club WILL be open this weekend, February 9th & 10th for another round and another great night!

Here's a look back at another iconic country bar that just closed its doors in Kuna! 

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The country bar will always be an Idaho legend and we are thankful for the memories!

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