It's a Latin invasion and we couldn't be more excited about it. It seems that this year, we're getting an influx of Latin concerts--more than normal--and I want to go to every single one of them.

You could say that we here at 103.5 KISS FM kicked off the fiesta in early December when we threw an entire fiesta ourselves over at the downtown Boise Knitting Factory. The first of its kind, the 103.5 KISSmas Fiesta brought out a HUGE crowd to see Lil Rob, Akwid, and Treasure Valley favorite MC Magic. Since this show, a number of major Latin shows have been announced. Check these out below:

Columbian rockstar Juanes will be hitting the Revolution Concert House on October 9th of this year. Juanes  My favorite song of his is the one above and has over 125 Million views. Juanes has sold out shows in several of the country's largest cities.

Marco Antonio Solis will also be coming to the Treasure Valley--the Ford Idaho Center to be exact--on September 5th of this year. Marco Antonio Solis has sold out Madison Square Garden, played to THOUSANDS in the Hollywood Bowl, and will now be playing a super intimate show at the Ford Idaho Center.

Talk about a MAJOR artist? Yeah. Prince Royce will be hitting the Revolution Concert House NEXT weekend, Saturday March 7th and the video above has OVER A BILLION views. It's going to be a HUGE show that blows the roof off of the Revolution Concert House.

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