It's something that is almost never heard of--some might call it a "unicorn" of an opportunity. For students studying in the communications or journalism fields, you will totally understand.

We're talking about PAID internship opportunities.

Full disclosure, the field of media and journalism is pretty cutthroat and there's no real way to get a sense for just how aggressive it can be until you spend some time in the environment. For students, the greatest advantage to begin building a career in this particular world is experience. There are simply too many things that a classroom can't teach you about the fast-paced world that is journalism.

Just announced today for Latino youth here in Idaho is a massive step in the right direction: a PAID internship opportunity in newsrooms across the State of Idaho.

Organized by two former Idaho journalists, Nicole Foy and Ximena Bustillo along side other local Latino leaders-- Voces Internship of Idaho has been launched.

The paid opportunity, which will be funded by crowd-sourced donations and the Scripps Howard Foundation, aims to accomplish a two-fold goal. First, to enable more opportunity for Latino youth in Idaho in the media field and second, to ensure that faces and voices in the media grow to reflect the cultural composition of our state.

"Voces Internship of Idaho" Has Officially Launched

Officially launched by two former Idaho journalists, Nicole Foy and Ximena Bustillo--along side other local Latino leaders-- the Voces Internship of Idaho is now available to Idaho youth. Below you can see and meet those who are involved in this momentous project!

The sense of urgency is ON with the Voces Internships of Idaho.

If you are a student (or maybe you know one) that is interested in applying-- the window is OPEN!

If you're interested in making a donation so that the internship can reach its goal of $20,000--that donation window is now open, too.

For all things 'Voces'-- CLICK HERE! 

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